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I Lived In The Woods With No Electricity

When I was a little girl, I lived in the woods with no electricity. My dad raced sled-dogs. We had a lot of dogs. That’s the story I tell people all the time. It’s all true and I enjoy the reaction I get… usually a mixture of confusion, interest and...
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Hi there! I’m Patty. This is the Three Snugbugs blog where I share cool how-to’s, new designs and all things fun and fabric. 

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 Somebody really, really likes the fireplace! #bedandbreakfast #fallfire #bassethound  The best place to spend a cool late summer evening... #gazebo #bedandbreakfast
 Another birdhouse on the farm! They are all so sweet. #ohfercute #onthefarm #birdhouse  What's your favorite project? Mine's sock knitting, especially with cashmere! Join us for our Northern Comfort Makers Weekend Sep 30 - Oct 2. #sockknitting


Want better tasting Make Your Own Canned
http://www.huffingtoGuest My Nest: Dutto


Savory Cheese Crumbles

Since weekends at the 3 Snugbugs house mean studio time, that also means weekends at our house mean quick meals and slow cookers. Our favorite go-to meal is a thick beef and barley soup that is great as leftovers with dumplings. But I’m always at a loss as to... read more

The 2016 Reading Experiment — January

Good morning snorklemonkies! A quick dispatch from snugbugland, a magical place packed full of hounds and ferocious orange kittens.  And New Year’s Resolutions that actually happened. I filled ya’ll in a few weeks ago on Jeff’s and my... read more

How important is the ladder, anyway?

Hey snugbugs! Today I’m talking about my poor joke telling abilities and lack of basic faith. Sounds super fun, right? Lately, I’ve found myself telling the same joke over and over. Sometimes in my head to myself. It’s the one where the man falls in... read more
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